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Posted on 24th Jul at 9:21 PM, with 1 note

Anonymous said: and you still look visibly sick so ... no logic there ! x

you probably haven’t seen me in a long while

i don’t take pictures of myself as much/anymore and don’t upload any of my body, its still a hard thing to deal with and I’m touchy about it so i (TRY) to avoid looking in the mirror or my naked body in the shower (thats where its rly hard and my head is screaming) my point is, i don’t look sick, if you didn’t know me and saw my you wouldn’t even consider eating disorder and me in the same sentence, which is probably a good thing


Posted on 24th Jul at 9:19 PM

Anonymous said: that's not true at all omg hun, maybe your anons are just busy with their own lives!! stop let your eating disorder manipulate things!! xxx

yeah no i totally understand its selfish of me to think that, 

and when i think about it i don’t want that same ‘attention’ from those anons anyway because they are probably just idolizing everything thats wrong with eating disorders and probably sick themselves.

I think the more we sever ties with the internet and eating disorders the better, even tho some ppl think there’s helpful community of recovery blogs out there, i think its a form of holding onto your disorder and keeping in in your life you know? like yeah they might ve very helpful at first or when ur having down days and need some inspiration but it seems off to me and seems to perpetuate it and keep it alive

wow i got so off topic??? and didn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg on above issue so don’t anyone take my generalisations in the wrong way! 

thanks you bby xoxo

Posted on 24th Jul at 9:15 PM

Anonymous said: what were you doing around burnside? modelling? gurl modelling is NOT good for you! :(

dw definitely not modelling! just standing in for the model who will be doing the tv commercial next month, they needed someone to mark out potential spots for the storyboard to show centre management, i did it last year coz i work with them anyway on the behind the scenes stuff

it’s just embarressing running around bside with ppl thinking i am while I’m dressed in jeans and connies with no hair and makeup but i get paid and it helps out the boss, i can’t help but say yes to that

Posted on 24th Jul at 9:13 PM

Anonymous said: omg go away sassy anon

hahah i don’t mind, i can take what i serve 💅

Posted on 24th Jul at 6:40 AM

Anonymous said: "whats a girl gotta do to get some dick up in hurr" unfortunately the answer is: go out

haha sassy

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lol i feel like ppl only really cared/ask questions to these blogs when i was visibly sick

its like i have a life outside of my disorder too ya know, do  any of you care about that!

Posted on 24th Jul at 4:34 AM

i never feel like drinking anymore, 

pls spare me from going out tonight but its someones going away drinks so i have to and i wanna see them before they leave for a year but can i wear a dressing gown and fluffy socks???

i have no motivation whatsoever 

I’ve gotten back into a beautiful sleep routine so I’m happy and i wake up early and get the day started and i feel fresh and things are semi good in that respect at the moment but leaving the house in winter at night is a chore, a painfully cold chore

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